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A good script and examples for             starting a conversation

Good Evening Sir/Madam, Eld4trucking, my name is X. How can I help?
If there is a question you don't know or not sure how to answer:
I need to double check this and I will call you back.
Ending the call:
Is there anything else I can help you with?
If answer is No:

Have a great evening and drive safely!

Problem 1
Cannot connect to eld device

Possible solutions:

1) Check if Bluetooth is ON
2) Ask driver to turn OFF bluetooth and restart phone/tablet
 3) Delete last 4 digits and  
Re-enter the full MAC address

4) Make sure no other eld     applications are installed on  the driver phone(especially eazy log)
  If it doesn't work, please do next steps:
  1) To switch off bluetooth
2) To log out from the eld4tr. application
3) To switch off the tablet
4) To disconnect the cable from the connectors (Below torpedo)
5)To do all the steps in reverse order, to connect cables -> turn on your tablet -> start the eld4trucking app. -> to enter MAC address
(It's on the back of the ELD box)

Sometimes drivers change trucks or eld devices
Possible solutions:

Check the last 4 digits on the error window that are matching to the MAC assigned to eld device that is already assigned to the truck. If not that is the case they changed eld device or truck
In such cases we need to unassign old device to do so please follow these steps:
We need to go to Portal - > Menu -> Manage -> Vehicles - select vehicle you need -> unassign


                                    Problem 2

         Driver cannot sign in ELD4trucking APP



 1. Check what type of the tablet&phone driver has 
 02. Check the internet connection.Not OFFLINE 
 3. Driver has internet but showing OFFLINE IN APP

 4. 1. Check if it has a good internet connection.
2. Ask to
restart TEL& Tab with bluetooth OFF.
.Delete APP and install back.


   Possible solution:

 Create a new Username and Password (put the name)Manage->Drivers-> create new Username& Password ->Save



   General types of ELD cables

Problem 3

Odometer failing to read data


1) Enter the Menu at the left of the page
Manage -> ELDs

The most problems occur because the application requires an Firmware update

2) The cable needs to be checked/swapped

     Each cable must be suitable for its category of trucks
    You also need to check the compatibility of the cable and the truck category

What is the problem if Engine power-up/shut-down events are missing?
1. it's not compatible with the truck
2. Contact issue, pins -> data
3. wrong cable


 1) Note down the current firmware version
 2) Select for the driver next firmware version( usually we update  to the next firmware)
 3) Go to Portal -> Menu -> Manage -> Elds -> select the desired  version and press Save
 4) Ask driver to log out then login back then an firmware update  available window will pop up. Ask the driver to press "Update  Now"  (the update process requires  good internet and it will take from  5-10 mins please tell the driver about this )

                 If download failed in eld4trucking application

 1)Ask the driver to log out from eld4trucking application 
 2)Ask the driver to install the ELDMAN application
 3) At the bottom, find Firmware Update 
 4) Ask the driver to click on Firmware Update, to start the 
update process 
 5) Go to the portal to confirm that the update has been done 
 6) If the update shows in the portal, Close
 3) At the bottom, find Firmware Update 
 4) Ask the driver to click on Firmware Update, to start the 
update process 
 5) Go to the portal to confirm that the update has been done 
 6) If the update shows in the portal, Close ELDMAN and 
 login in eld4trucking application. 
 login in eld4trucking application. 
7) After the driver confirms that update is successfull please check in the portal to show the desired version
8) Ask the driver to shut down and power up the engine for 2 tim

9) Go to logs for today and check for odometer, engine hours and location to be populated correctly


                                           Adding a driver 
             Choose Manage -> Drivers -> Add driver
             For editions choose a driver

                                Adding an administartor
            Manage -> Portal drivers -> Add user
              For editions click on the entire block


    How to send logs

  To send logs you need to go to the menu -> Logs ->Choose Start Date &      End date -> Then choose a driver. Eventually choose send output to email or  to WebService. || Download date file


                   How to remove a violation

 1). Driver must LOG OUT
 2). You must see in Portal Driver Logged OUT
 4). From Magic -> Remove Violation
 5). You log in with driver user and pass on other phone,on your phone
 6). You Log out
 7). Delete your log in - log out 
 9). Final step driver must log in




  Where to find unidentified events
 Where the driver can find unidentified events to ACCEPT IT
 How the driver will ACCEPT Unidentified events
 Next the driver will Sync the information


Menu -> logs -> top right corner (white icon) -> unidentified events
Press each arrows -> Appears pop up Window -> ACCEPT or REJECT. Tell the driver to ACCEPT
mobile app -> menu -> account -> sync


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